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Liz Hodge

Voice, Speech & Performance Coach

My work with Joan and the Heroine’s Journey course has been inspired and transformational. With Joan’s step by step support, we dive deep into old negative beliefs and other obstacles and patterns in my stories that were holding me back from being who I am truly meant to be, and standing in my fierce feminine. I am now creating a Heroine’s life and playing a bigger game than I could have ever imagined. It’s a wonderful and fun journey of discovery and learning how to fly!

Lisa Broderick

Small Business Expert, Quantist

If you’re wondering, “Why is life throwing me all of these curve balls?” or maybe, “How do I recover from a major upset?” or, “What am I supposed to do with this or that?” then get on the Heroine’s Journey! There is a better life awaiting you, and you will need some new skills and direction to get there. Let Joan be your coach, get up and running. When I was struggling with, “ho I have become while my dreams haven’t worked out yet,” I knew that Joan and what she instructs would help me become my best self.

Nancy Nunke

Owner of Hearts & Hands Animal Rescue

Joan has absolutely hit the nail on the head. When she laid out the step on the Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth for me, I saw my whole life span in front of me in the universal steps of this path. I suddenly saw how my past has molded me into cultivating the courage and strength that I have today, and how I have hope and determination for my future. I have gone through so many challenges that could have caused me to curl up in a ball and quit on life, but that’s not me. I am on the path of the Heroine’s Journey and my life has joy, spirit and purpose today. Good going, Joan, for showing me the value of my Journey — many thanks!!

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