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It is an archetypal journey that all women walk.


We call it the Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth.

Once upon a time, life seemed easy enough, until . . . it handed you some big sour lemons.

Suddenly, your world went topsy-turvy and your self-worth deflated.

This is the moment when the path of The Heroine’s Journey rises up to meet you.

If you are left thinking, “Oh my…what the heck do I do now?” The Heroine’s Journey is your answer.

You are called to embark on this universal adventure – just when you need it the most.

As you progress through all 13 Steps on your unique Heroine’s Journey, through the Challenges and Celebrations, you will find what you need to fortify your courage and strength.

Refusing to be defeated by circumstances, you declare yourself the Heroine of your own life!

Along the way, you are empowered with new resources, tools, skills and gifts. You navigate forward with the clarity of your eyes and heart open.

This is your calling to blossom into a life of True Wealth – where your happiness and fulfillment thrive.

Ultimately, you realize “I got this!”

Heroine, you are so much more magnificent than you ever imagined.

And the path lies ahead of you . . .

Do you ever wish life had a road map? Well, here it is . . .

With the Heroine’s Journey Road Map, you can easily navigate all 13 Steps of The Heroine’s Journey. Let it bring you home to a life of joy, prosperity and purpose – your True Wealth.

Once you recognize the fundamental stepping stones on the Journey, you will have the clarity to:

  • Understand with greater wisdom what lies behind you
  • Remain centered in the moment as you take each new step
  • Look ahead with hope for what the future will bring

No longer are you alone or lost in the wilds, the path in front of you is waiting to be illuminated.

Empower your Inner Heroine with the complete Road Map which lies just below.

Now you can simply progress forward to True Wealth, step by step.

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Welcome to the Journey!

The Heroine’s Journey Road Map


The 13 Steps on the Heroine’s Journey® Road Map


Step 1: Status Quo

Living in your comfort zone

You are living comfortably within the known. You have crafted a manageable life to fulfill the appearance of safety and security. You just want to fit in and have it all work. Life is good enough on the outside, even if it feels empty on the inside. You are playing the part of a fictitious persona that you have scripted to impress the outside world. You do not yet realize that there is so much more truth to you that you have not yet discovered. You are in a bubble from which you don’t see anything unexpected happening on your horizon. Why would you change anything?


Step 2: Crisis Appears

The unthinkable happens

A life-storm hits. You are caught off guard. You try to hold on to the status quo of what life once was. Your old ways of doing things just aren’t working. You are numb to the circumstances and you cannot grasp the changes that are occurring so fast. You’ve been knocked flat and you feel paralyzed. If you thought someone else was going to take responsibility for your life, that illusion is shattered. Life has a plan for you, but you can no longer control the circumstances. What you don’t know is that this Crisis is the catalyst for your transformation.


Step 3: The Challenge

The Darkest Moment

Your life seems very perilous – like you’re positioned on the edge of a tall cliff and it’s an ‘oh shit’ moment as you look out. The challenge is you cannot stay on the cliff forever. You’re confronted with your choices to fall on the rocks below or to power yourself to rise into the sky. You feel fear. You wonder, “Can I make it? Could I be ruined, die here, fall off the planet?” You question who you are. But, there is no energy to maintain the false self. You are no longer the illusion of what you were before. You are stripping away the old self, and it feels very vulnerable. You are at the mercy of this new reality. It may feel like the darkest moment of your life.


Step 4: Character Revelation

You realize what you’re made of

From under this tremendous weight, your inner self breaks through. Your True Self is unmasked and reveals itself with conviction. It says: “I am worthy. I was not born to be the victim of this circumstance. I have natural inborn assets that I can engage to get me out of this mess.” This conviction reveals your essential character. It informs you of the path you are capable of taking. You will find a way. You will go on despite all odds. Here your commitment shows up from deep within. You know what you’re made of. You realize that you are empowered. This part of the journey calls forth your courage and strength and reveals your true Heroine’s nature to you.


Step 5: Called to the Crusade

Confront new realities

The circumstances are dire. There is no way out but to go through. You are wounded, hurt and suffering. And still you decide not to let it take you out. With primal instinct for self-preservation, you finally take a stand for yourself. You know you must survive and you use this to invoke your perseverance. Like it or not, now, you must deal with your life as it is. You are being forced into new realities. There are some tasks you just have to get done now, however unpleasant they are. It’s big and it is scary. You do it anyway. Digging deep, you find the fire in your belly. You get fierce feminine. You hoist your wings on and muster up courage and strength for a journey into the wild.


Step 6: Angels Show Up

Your support system arrives

Here come the angels, those who arrive to support you and steady your wings on your back. As your journey is progressing, people that you never expected come to help as if a universal energy called them to your aid. You thought you were on the path all alone, but now you welcome their help. You can discern who supports and guides you, and you move away from people who impair you. Your angels have a new perspective for your journey. They provide critical support and pieces of the solution. You are ready to humbly receive. You are self-revealing. You accept your humanness. Your angels are there to encourage your flight and give you confidence. They believe in you. There is hope.


Step 7: Gathering Your Provisions

Acquire Fuel for your flight

You will need fuel for the flight. In order to get off the ground, it’s time to provision yourself for the journey ahead. You draw in life force energy and all of the resources you require to sustain yourself on the journey. Your inner Heroine realizes that she must generate plenty to thrive. It is her birthright to live in abundance. You cannot go on without. You clearly communicate to the Universe what will sustain you for the long road ahead. The Heroine is responsible for acquiring what she needs. Get resourceful to gather resources. From a place of self-worth, she asks herself what gifts and talents can she use to produce bounty. There is effort in the hunt, yet some supplies may be hiding in plain sight. There is plenty, go and harvest. You will have ample fuel for the flight as long as you are careful to use only as much as you gather.


Step 8: Taking Empowered Action

Spread your wings and fly

Conscious to calm your fear, you thrust yourself into critical action from a new empowered place. You release the past in preparation for something new. You ask, “What do I truly want my life to look like?” Consider all good options and make strategic moves to shore up your foundation. You master new skills, tools and talents. Standing on the cliff, you spread your wings and lift into the clear blue sky. You flap furiously. The hardest part of the flight is the first few moments, and you maintain your courage and strength. You don’t look back because you are focused on the future. New miracles are showing up in your life now.


Step 9: Wind Currents That Test You

Navigate another challenge

In flight, you have a panoramic view and life looks better. You assess how much you got through and how many successes you have had that jettison your flight. You can see the horizon in front of you. Suddenly, another Challenge comes along in the form of a big wind that whips you around, scares and imbalances you. You are tested again in some kind of unexpected or surprising manner. You wonder, “Will this take me out when I have finally come so far?” Because you have been through the narrows of Crisis and Challenge and survived, this time you hear your inner voice call out ‘I am a Heroine.’ From this awakened inner knowing you steady to navigate these challenges with your new compass – pointing you to glorious horizons.


Step 10: Crescendo

You are lifted into freedom

Finally, the air currents around you become stable. When the wind currents of flight lift you, they lift you fast. You are out of survival and struggle mode, and into the freedom of soaring through the air. Spirit runs through you. You are strengthened within. This journey brought you the gift of wisdom that roots you deeply in your power as a woman. You are no longer wrapped in fear, broke without resources, numbed to your sense of what is good for you, neglectful of your inner voice, lead by your former impaired beliefs, tied to external things for your security, wedded to familiarity, impaired by rules of what to be, or armored in your heart. You are free! Now, your heart is open, and you see love in yourself and in the world. You have conviction, determination, and focus. Your power is in your wholeness. You proclaim your Stability, and so it is!


Step 11: Celebration

Your dreams fly higher than your fears

Woo hoo! Let’s celebrate being alive and well. Know that this journey has been specifically designed to fashion you into YOU! It was all for your highest good! Now, your dreams fly higher than your fears. You have tamed your story so that you can coexist with it peacefully. Unique aspects of yourself have been unveiled and they inform your internal guidance. You know your inner truth and you speak it. With supercharged Life Force, you are open to life’s new experiences and you meet them in a more timely and empowered way. When you engage in the world, you exemplify a higher level of integrity. By incubating those qualities that will facilitate your biggest life, you have hope for your future. You have transformed into your Authentic Self.


Step 12: Thriving in Life

Living your dreams

Now you are thriving. You are living your dreams. Your heart is wide open to life and you soar! You are actively building assets that make you a wealthy woman through the expression of your unique gifts and talents. Enabled with resources, you skillfully express your purpose. This is the highest place of security and reward. Your MO is to manifest with your heart, and your mind is its servant. Now, step into inspired leadership with your unique message. Collaborate with others for the highest good. You dwell in possibility. Do what makes you feel alive and connected. Operating in a state of “Flow,” progress feels effortless. Upward momentum is continuous. You know that life is going to show up in synchronistic ways, so you are receptive when the Universe supports you. Confident, you are a full expression of feminine creation.


Step 13: Heroine’s Homecoming

You transform the world

You have become a catalyst of transformation for the world. You have something to offer humanity, and only YOU can give it. It’s your time to create a legacy that lives on. You are making dreams come true for others. You are raised up by the connection and love you receive in return. Your journey has polished you into someone who can give from experience and compassion. You are grateful for the process that has led you here. You look at the world with new eyes and you feel a responsibility to fulfill the need. You are a wealthy woman, and you have resources above and beyond your own needs to serve to those who will benefit from your support. You are now the woman who contributes her part to uplift the world.

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