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How Do I Become the Heroine of My Life?

Start your Heroine’s Journey® and Cultivate the Skills & Tools to Grow Strong

If your question is “Oh my, what the heck do I do now?” The Heroine’s Journey® is your answer.

There is a road map for life, one that will lead you through all 13 Steps of the Heroine’s Journey. It is a universal path that all women navigate, through the Challenges and Celebrations of life. You are never alone, you are not groping in the dark or getting lost in the wilds.

Once you recognize the fundamental stepping stones on the Journey, you will have the clarity to:

  • Understand with greater wisdom what lies behind
  • Remain centered in the moment as you take each step
  • Look forward with hope what lies ahead

Here’s where we start: Create Your Stability to ignite uncompromising self-worth, radiant life-force energy, profound relationships and partnerships, and financial fortitude.

This readies you to Awaken Your Authenticity, Light Up Your Expression and Make Your Contribution.

Now you come home to True Wealth – a place of joy, prosperity, purpose and living your True Self.

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Things You’ll Learn in
The Heroine’s Journey Mini Course

What is “True Wealth” For You

Learn to cultivate all of the love, money, meaning and impact you can dream of while being fully in alignment with the values of your True Self.

The 13 Steps of The Heroine’s Journey®

Explore The Heroine’s Journey Road Map and identify where you are now on the path to True Wealth.

4 Cornerstones For Creating Your Own Unshakeable Stability

Weather the storms of life by fortifying the building blocks that establish your Stability. Weighing each decision based on these 4 Cornerstones, you get a new result.

3 Empowered Actions That
Will Lead You To True Wealth

A Heroine has a plan! Proclaim the specific actions that will help you progress fastest and furthest so that you can master your stability and increase your financial fortitude.


Liz Hodge

Voice, Speech, & Performance Coach

My work with Joan and the Heroine’s Journey course has been inspired and transformational. With Joan’s step by step support, we dive deep into old negative beliefs and other obstacles and patterns in my stories that were holding me back from being who I am truly meant to be, and standing in my fierce feminine. I am now creating a Heroine’s life and playing a bigger game than I could have ever imagined. It’s a wonderful and fun journey of discovery and learning how to fly!

Lisa Broderick

Small Business Expert, Quantist

If you’re wondering, “Why is life throwing me all of these curve balls?” or maybe, “How do I recover from a major upset?” or, “What am I supposed to do with this or that?” then get on the Heroine’s Journey! There is a better life awaiting you, and you will need some new skills and direction to get there. Let Joan be your coach, get up and running. When I was struggling with, “Who I have become while my dreams haven’t worked out yet,” I knew that Joan and what she instructs would help me become my best self.

Nancy Nunke

Owner of Hearts & Hands Animal Rescue

Joan has absolutely hit the nail on the head. When she laid out the step on the Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth for me, I saw my whole life span in front of me in the universal steps of this path. I suddenly saw how my past has molded me into cultivating the courage and strength that I have today, and how I have hope and determination for my future. I have gone through so many challenges that could have caused me to curl up in a ball and quit on life, but that’s not me. I am on the path of the Heroine’s Journey and my life has joy, spirit and purpose today. Good going, Joan, for showing me the value of my Journey — many thanks!!

Hi, I’m Joan Perry

Can I tell you how I created The Heroine’s Journey? You guessed it! I was thrust – abruptly onto the path.

I had gained exceptional notoriety in my life, with a successful 30-year career in the elite financial arena. I was the Founder and President of the first female-owned investment banking firm in the country which underwrote municipal bonds, and I’ve personally traded billions of dollars in the public markets. This launched me as a national voice on women and money, becoming a best-selling author and speaking on major stages and news media. It all seemed good until it didn’t.

That’s when my Heroine’s Journey was set in motion. This external life that I had built was big, but it wasn’t the essence of me. Things started to unravel. My Journey was calling me to my Heroine Self.

Ultimately, I collaborated with other women who found themselves abruptly jangled by life’s circumstances too. I clearly recognized that there is a universal path – no matter what our unique challenges and blessings – that leads us home to True Wealth. With help, I codified The Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth.

Stepping into my Heroine Self, now I am the proud Founder of The Heroine’s Journey Courses and Coaching; the Creator of the national authority site for women and money at WomensWealth.Money; Co-Host for The Heroine’s Journey Podcast; a Certified High-Performance Coach; high-net-worth investor; and philanthropist. This is a life I love – a life of True Wealth.

Come blossom with me as we travel The Heroine’s Journey. Discover how the Road Map can lead you to become the Heroine of your own life.

Founder, The Heroine’s Journey
Coach | Author | Speaker | Investor

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